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すべての事HOLA, 永久にHOLADAYS の追求。

who would dare to not join?

★☆【 Ҥ Ӧ Ⅼ Ӑ ɗ ǎ Ұ ʂ 】☆★




October 16th, 2007

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¿ɐʞ nsǝp ıɐɹıʞ


˙˙˙ɐƃ oʎʞoʇ ɐʍ ɐʇɐuɐ

"What? Oh, no." Kumi - san said. Ahaha, that is no bad luck for me. I'm getting married to Muraki. She thought. "Oh, I almost forgot. Here are your pictures." Bathdayeve Momodari, her other maid said. Kumi - san looked at the images. In them, ghosts started appering. "Bathdayeve -san, come here. Look, these ghosts." This, indeed, was no ghost. It looked like a hedgehog.

"I still think that's the man who's gonna steel my husband."


Kohaku Tsukihana
Current age : 21
Eyes : Her eyes change color
Hair : Blonde
Likes : Skimpy and sane clothes, Kissing men, Soap Oprahs, Animals, Ancient China, Edogawa Conan, Lies
Dislikes : Slavery, Kissing women, Sex, Drugs, Mafia Films, Rules, Moore Rachel


One day, Mac-kun went to Bloo-kun. "Bloo-kun...Aishiteru." The aoi friend was shocked. "Mac-kun, so do I." He replied. But then, Herriman-san came in. "There is a new rule. No lovers." The two shounen were enraged. "But..." Mac-kun said. Secretly, Herriman-san loved Mac-kun. The phone rang. "Herriman-san desu ka. I understand. The plan has ben made, then. Bye." The usagi gave a hurtfull look to Bloo-kun. "Hey, what was that for? That wasn't nice."

"Mac-kun, I wonder what his plan was..." Bloo-kun said, pondering. He walked with Mac-kun in one of the hallways. "Ne, let's ask." Bloo-kun was shocked his koibito said that. "Nani? Are you nuts? No way will he tell us." The truth was, Herriman-san was going to send Bloo-kun and the other friends were going to be sent away to a hotel for one month. Foster-san and Frankie-san were staying along with Herriman-san and Mac-kun. "So, what are we doing tonight? Let's watch the new movies we rented." The aki-haired girl said. "I think that'd be great." Mac-kun said.


"I have inspired everyone, and I have created a new generation of fasion. But now is my special time...that I must retire. I remeber when I showed my sisters my first photo shoot." Kohaku Tsukihana said. On the huge screen behind her, it showed her first photo shoot. "My sisters said, ' Wow, Kohaku! You look really nice!' I was flatered. I thought to myself, 'Hey, i'll never retire.' and here I am now, retiring. It's so sad how long I worked and all the tentrams that took place. But I easily flew right through them. I didn't care, I wanted to become a beatiful woman. A strong, trend-starting woman. " Her amber orbs filled with aoi tears. "I had a great job. Some of the money went to the child care programs. I thought that all I could do was hope for the best, so that's exactly what I did. I had to take it all, and earn certain things. My boyfriend was shocked at the very skimpy outfits I wore when I was in photo shoots.I was ashamed at the woman I secretley was, loving to wear skipmy clothes. I usually wore clothes that were covering, but sometimes I had no help for myself to wear very uncovering clothes. I sometimes couldn't help but have long kisses with men, at this point I was only 14. This was a secret I kept for a long time. I got drunk once when I was 16, and I did something I never would have done when I was sane."

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Muraki►He saw it
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March 9th, 2006

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February 2nd, 2006


Pink Circles//...
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Realease The HELL HOUNDS!Collapse )

September 15th, 2005

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Pink Circles//...
tewh holas is teh smex

June 12th, 2005

こんいちは , わたし の なまえ は すめらぎ すばる である 。 わたし は あう ために よろこぶ 。

こごろ は ばか であり , かれは ししゃ を はなれ てよりよい 。 かれ が しん だら , わたし は わたし が さけぶ ことを かんがえ ない ; じっさい は , わたし は かわり に げんき づける !

kogoro ha baka deari , kareha shisha wo hanare teyoriyoi . kare ga shin dara , watashi ha watashi ga sakebu kotowo kangae nai ; jissai ha , watashi ha kawari ni genki dukeru !

I took the liberty of posting the Holadays song.


すめらぎ すばる

June 10th, 2005


__like_whoa ROCKS! Go there! Apply! THEY RULE ME!
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